• Congregational Sunday Service

    • Come join us this Sunday for our Congregational Worship service where we'll be meeting in the rotunda. There will be a powerful worship service with heartfelt singing, convicting preaching, & inspirational testimonies! Excellent children's ministry provided. Click the link below for details! - 5902 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    • Sunday Service Details
    • Seta Avotongo's Baptism

    • God adds a powerful young teen to our Ministry in the baptism of, Seta Avotongo. He is the brother of our sister, Finau Avotongo!

    • Seta's Baptism Gallery!
    • Jessica Oates' Baptism

    • Baptized on October 16, 2016, God adds an amazing single mother to our Family with, Jessica Oates. She truly is a light in this dark world!

    • Jessica's Baptism Gallery!
    • Paulo Jaime's Baptism

    • A powerful young engineer from the African nation of Angola, God continues to add to our number. Our newest addition to the Family is that of Paulo Jaime!

    • Paulo's Baptism Gallery!
    • Jess Kufner's Baptism

    • On October 2, 2016, we witnessed an awesome miracle- Jess Kufner became our new baby sister in Christ!

    • Jess Kufner's Slideshow!
    • Brandon Cook's Baptism

    • On September 11th, God allowed the Phoenix Church to witness the miracle of Brandon Cook being born of water & Spirit and joining the Kingdom!

    • Brandon Cook's Baptism!
    • Caleb Moore's Restoration

    • Caleb Moore is restored to his relationship with God and the church! To God be the glory!

    • Caleb Moore's Restoration
    • Manuela Fernandes’ Baptism

    • On 8-28-2016, we got to witness our new sister Manuela Fernandes get baptized! After many tears and studies, she wholeheartedly shared about her gratitude to be added to God's kingdom.

    • Manuela's Baptism!
    • Mandy Ampofo's Restoration

    • On August 28th we had the privilege of seeig our dear sister, Mandy, restored in her faith to the Lord. To God be the glory!

    • Mandy's Restoration!
    • Finau Avotongo's Baptism

    • Our new baby sister in Christ, who speaks Tongan! She began studying in the IE region and her drive to seek God allowed her to get baptized in Phoenix, despite the move! Glory be to God.

    • Finau's Baptism!
    • Jazmine Williams' Baptism

    • On August 21st, 2016 we had the privilege of seeing our new baby sister Jazmine Williams baptized into Christ! Amazingly, she is also the daughter of our brother Marlis Williams!

    • Jazmine's Baptism!
    • PICC Tyrannus Project

    • The Plan for the Evangelization of the State of Arizona by the Phoenix International Christian Church!

    • Tyrannus Project!

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World Evangelism
  • World Evangelism

  • The International Churches believe in Jesus' vision to evangelize the world in this generation. So far we've planted churches on every continent and in over 15 nations around the world

Bible Talks
  • Bible Talks

  • The Phoenix ICC has dynamic Bible Study Groups that we like to call "Bible Talks". These are small, intimate groups that allow for more interaction, questions, fun and fellowship! Amazing meals are also provided! A Bible Talk finder will be coming soon!