“With One Heart” – A Recap of the 2014 GLC!

“May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you fol-low Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”Romans 15:6

Brittney's baptism at the 2014 GLC!

Brittany George (center) with the sisters who studied the Bible with her – just after she said “Jesus is LORD” and was baptized!

“I got to spend time with disciples who came here all the way from Chennai India and they had the same spirit, same convictions as me!” “I was so inspired by Chris Brooms lesson, “The Greatness of Mordecai” and convicted to see my wife like my Ester!” “I was called out of my lukewarmness, and I re-pent!” “I learned from the AMS conference that I need to use every talent I have for the purposes of God! Any gifts I have need to be put to use in God’s kingdom for His will to be done – all men being saved and coming to a knowledge of the truth!” “The singing on the last day, during the close out of the week-end, brought me to tears! I thought to myself, ‘this is really happening again’ – and I felt my dreams coming back to me like never before!” “There were so many practical things that were taught at the teen workshop, I could barely capture all of it – it was incredibly helpful! Everyone needs to listen to that one!” “The cyberministry workshop was powerful, Ron Harding really taught us how important our internet website truly is, and how critical it is that we make sure it is awesome!” “I realized, I’ve made my own dreams a kind of idol, and I saw that God’s dreams for me may be very different and I need to be open to His hand and His plans, surrendering to His dreams for my life!” “Serving the poor is a salvation issue! It’s the difference between being a goat or a sheep – this totally changes how I viewed MERCY events!” “I challenge you, whichever ‘World Sector’ event you attended, find someone from there and make them into a disciple!” “Jesus is LORD!” I could go on! But of the 45 disciples in the Phoenix church (along with a few of our teens who are studying the bible to become disciples) who went, every one of them was totally inspired by the 2014 Global Leadership Conference, “Zion’s Dreamers!” Amy and I are so grateful for all the disciples who worked, tagged, prayed and planned to be at this momentous event! This was our best GLC to date! Last year there were 1,114 total registered for the 2013 GLC and this year there were 1,323 from all over the world! If you are not signed up for the “Good News Email” (GNE) you need to head to “phxicc.org/GNE” and sign-up! The most recent good news email is a full recap of the 2014 GLC that is absolutely inspiring! You can check it out here: “phxicc.org/current-gne/”

Kip and Elena, along with Raj and Debs Rajan - The Chennai Mission Team Leaders

Kip, Elena, Debs, and Raj – The Chennai Mission Team Leaders!

Sunday August 10th was a very special Sunday for our dear church family here in Phoenix because we were amongst almost 2000 brothers and sisters from over 50 nations, worshiping “with one heart and mouth” to our God’s glory! We witnessed church plantings sent out by the Holy Spirit to both sides of the globe – Chennai India and Dallas Fort-Worth Texas! In addition, the Miami Florida Remnant church leaders were sent out, Princeton and Joy George! It was also a great joy to see a new sister added to our vibrant singles ministry – Brittany George! She was baptized along with nine others from varying ministries the Sunday of the GLC. She is a coworker at UPS to Josiah Smith and he (along with his wife Kristin and his other co-worker Paula Deen) reached out to her and brought her to church! The sisters got in there and studied the bible diligently with her and made her into a SoldOut disciple! Another special moment was the privilege of seeing Chris and Darby Schultz graduate from the ICCM with their Bachelor’s degrees in Shepherding Ministry! Amy and I have had the honor of working closely with the Schultz the past couple of years to prepare them for this critical role in our fellowship. It is an answered congregational prayer to see a couple risen up in this role here in Phoenix. God has grown both of them tremendously and Amy and I are very thankful for their partnership in the Gospel and diligent efforts to serve alongside us in “[keeping] watch over [ourselves] and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made [us] overseers.” (Acts 20:28) We are thankful that the Schultz serve as our MERCY WorldWide directors and have risen up new coordinators for mercy in Doug and Michelle Hunt. We’re certainly looking forward to more encouraging times!

Congratulations to the Schultz's on their ICCM Graduation

Congratulations to the Schultz’s on their ICCM Graduation!

The first week back, God did some amazing things through the ASU LIFE Campus & Teen Ministry (C&T) – the Thursday night bible talk had 28 in attendance! This past Friday C&T devotional saw 32 in attendance! There are 15 people studying the bible currently in the Campus and Teen minis-try! We are also excited for the new “Arts, Media, and Sports” (AMS) Bible Talk started up by our Singles Ministry leaders Josiah and Kristin Smith! In addition, the First Principles class started for 2014 and is packed with over 20 disciples eager to be trained make disciples and in wielding “the sword of the spirit!” (Eph 6:17).

The Dallas-Ft. Worth Mission Team

The Dallas-Ft. Worth Mission Team!

One powerfully unifying aspect of the Global Leadership Conference was the identifying and teaching on “The Five Foundational SoldOut Movement Convictions!” God’s word calls us to have “a spirit of unity among [ourselves] as [we] follow Christ Jesus!” (Romans 15:6) as well as to “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Eph 4:3) and to “…be perfectly united in mind and thought.” (1 Cor 1:10). This is a high calling, but it is the calling of our God and we as his people want to answer that call – so as to “live a life worthy of the calling [we] have received.” (Eph 4:1). Therefore, we are going to cover each of these “Five Foundational Convictions of the SoldOut Discipling Movement” in a five week series. We’ve already covered the first conviction, “All Scripture Is Inspired” and this can be viewed or downloaded from our website at “phxicc.org/sundays”. The Five Foundational SoldOut Movement Convictions are:

  1. All Scripture is Inspired
  2. Where the Bible Speaks We Are Silent
  3. The Church Is Composed Of Only Sold-out Disciples In Discipling Relationships
  4. A Centralized Leadership With A Central Leader
  5. All Nations In This Generation

As we study these out and grow in our ability to defend these Foundational Convictions with the scriptures and an understanding of our history, it will only serve to unify us further with the rest of our family of churches. The goal is that it will be crystal clear that what is taught in Phoenix is the same as what is taught “everywhere in every church” (1 Cor 4:17) of God’s modern-day SoldOut movement. It is our heart as disciples to “imitate the faith” of our leaders (Heb 13:7), imitating them as they “imitate the Lord” (1 Thess 1:7, 1 Cor 11:1) so as to become “a model to all the believers in Macedonia (USA) and Achaia (Canada/Mexico)” (1 Thess 1:7) Our prayer is that “The Lord’s message [will ring] out from [us] not only in Macedonia (USA) and Achaia (Mexico/Canada) — [our] faith in God [will] become known everywhere.”

Almost 2,000 gathered at the 2014 GLC Sunday!

Almost 2,000 gathered at the 2014 GLC Sunday!

Let us be gearing up for Special Missions in November – preparing a 6x Thanksgiving offering for our God and his work around the globe, from Chennai to Dallas, from Sydney to Toronto, and from Cave Creek to Guadalupe and Apache Junction to Gold Canyon! If we are going to embrace Jesus’ dream of taking the Gospel to All Nations in This Generation” (Matthew 28:18-20) then we need to be men and women who live – and give – sacrificially.

It was so encouraging to have Princeton and Joy George (the Miami remnant church leaders) pass through Phoenix on their way to Miami and share with us for contribution last week! Their deep convictions about sacrifice for the sake of the cross getting to all nations were refreshing! Additionally, George and Anjelica Grima also “just happened” to be passing through Phoenix and delivered a stirring and honest communion. These very mature and special disciples were critical in shepherding two international church plantings (Paris and London) and they did so from their own savings! With such inspirational examples of both missionaries and sacrificial disciples, we can know that God is moving the reach the ends of the earth and he’s putting to good use our sacrifices – the SoldOut Movement of churches is reaching souls in over 50 nations with nearly 3,000 meeting on Sundays! “This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” (2 Cor 9:12)

The ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - Raising awareness for ALS & November 6x Special Missions Contribution!

The ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE – Raising awareness for ALS & November 6x Special Missions Contribution!

Many souls are being reached, and the service of our sacrifice will help even more and more offer “many expressions of thanks” to God! Even as we plant and water with our day to day evangelism here in Phoenix and support the planting and watering of the hearts of many all over the world, let us never forget – “…neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow!” (1 Cor 3:7)

To our God be all the glory!

Jeremy Ciaramella



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  1. by Dan Barrett on September 11, 2014  7:34 am Reply

    This recap of the 2014 was the most enthusiastic recaps of any event I've ever read! From seeing pictures of Brittany George's baptism, the AZ Shepherds Shultz's graduating from ICCM and of course seeing on the back our very own JMC being doused by ice water for the ALS challenge, all made me smile widely and I believe God is smiling even bigger at all the good news jumping from the pages from this bulletin! What I found helpful also, was the recap of the 'Five Foundational SoldOut Movement Convictions" outline that even had the links for these to be either viewed or downloaded included within the same paragraph made it all the more useful and practical. Finally, the reminder for Special Missions coming up in November directly in between the good news of nearly 2000 attending the GLC along with photo of the Dallas Ft. Worth mission team, helped me remember that this year, raising money for Missions isn't a burden, but a blessing, to see God's Kingdom explosively and exponentially grow in the months and years to come....Amen!!!
    In Christ's Eternal Love,
    Dan Barrett

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