1. by Paulina Rivera on September 24, 2014  6:50 pm Reply

    I am very grateful for First Principles Classes because they give me more reason to really dig in and study each study, and be more prepared to help other people study and come to a knowledge of the truth. Last year, as a new disciple, I didn't realize how important it was to really know these studies, nor did I think that I could realistically learn the amount of information given to us in just a few days so I didn't put much effort into it as I should have. I thought as a newbee, I was fighting a losing battle. But having been in studies this past year and seeing how important it is that I really know what I'm talking about when other women are studying and how important it is to someone elses salvation has given me a new outlook on these classes! I've been excited and grateful to be able to go, as well as to challenge myself to really learn and pass the quizzes so that I can graduate from the class! So onward I go, to the completion of this task.

  2. by VanessaGarcia on September 24, 2014  10:03 pm Reply

    response to first principles:

    Since I started first principles, I feel confident in explaining the Scriptures to visitors who want to study the word of God. The seeking God study helped me to have deeper quiet times with God. The word study is helping me grow in the sense of carry my cross daily as a disciple. By the end of the classes, I hope to gain the knowledge of the Bible and to grow stronger as a disciple of Christ.

    Thank you


  3. by Santana DeJesus on September 25, 2014  7:55 am Reply

    I’m truly grateful for First Principles, and I think you do an amazing job of giving us instructions to execute the studies. I love the discipleship study, however, It is a scary study to lead. What I appreciated most from the discipleship study on Saturday was remembering to ask the non-Christian what they think a Christian and Disciple are. Moving forward I will be sure to ask them those questions so I can see clearly what their perception of what it means to be a “Christian” and a “disciple” . I definitely feel more comfortable leading this study after your class.
    Thanks bro !!

    In Him,

  4. by Erica Brown on September 25, 2014  12:43 pm Reply

    Acedia-The Forgotten Sin comment:
    I never even knew the word acedia or its meaning until after reading this article! The seven deadly sins consist of: lust, gluttony, greed, acedia, wrath, envy and pride, and the worst of these is acedia. I appreciate Kip being vulnerable and sharing how he too struggles with acedia and the persecution he faced that lead him to this, which according to The Oxford Concise Dictionary of the Christian Church, means a state of restlessness and inability either to work or pray. According to Wikipedia, acedia is the neglect to take care of something that one should do. Wow, how profound! Especially knowing that acedia’s ultimate manifestation is a despair which can lead to suicide. This is very scary as one can easily fall into acedia when facing hardships or persecution. I too am guilty of this. When I first became a disciple, it seemed as if I was being persecuted monthly! I remember crying out to God to just let me have one month where I didn’t have difficult, life-challenging things happening that tested my faith. I was going through a 9 month ordeal of trying to short sale my house, broke off an engagement, lost my job and my mom was diagnosed with cancer, practically almost all at the same time and I had to ask God, why me? I then remembered that God doesn’t let us go through anything he knows we can’t handle and I’m very thankful for the Kingdom and close sisters for getting me through difficult times that almost seemed impossible to get through. Moving forward when facing hardships, I now know that acedia is a sin and that I need to continue to put my faith and trust in God and have joy through the trials because God is going to have an awesome testimony for me to share afterword. Amen!
    Sold-out Disciples comment:
    Again, I appreciate Kip’s heart in this article. I was convicted when he pointed out in Leviticus 5 and Ezekiel 3 that if one knows about sin and is silent, God holds that individual responsible because they are not helping to keep God’s people holy. As a disciple, we are called to be higher and I have to think about these things in my daily walk with God; am I intentionally sinning, which I will be responsible for and have to answer to someday. I was also convicted when Kip spoke about being a radical, Sold-Out disciple, just like Luke 14:26 calls us to do. I also found it profound when Kip talked about grumbling and bitterness among disciples indicates a non-Sold-out heart and how these sins cause people’s heart to drift away from God, which puts things into perspective for me. And lastly, Kip talked about how Jesus requires us to give up everything in response to his gift. This article in general was a great reflection on my walk with God and ensuring that I am not bitter, grumbling and are 100% Sold-out!
    With One Heart-A recap of the 2014 GLC comment:
    This year’s GLC was very exciting and I was truly encouraged to see so many disciples of the PHXICC present at Desert Palm Springs! The workshops at the GLC were eye-opening, refreshing and encouraging and it was amazing to see 2,000+ Sold-out disciples in attendance! To put the icing on the cake, Brittney George, whom we were studying the bible with, was baptized at this year’s GLC. What an experience at such a momentous event for our church! At the GLC, it was also very encouraging to see the Chennai, Dallas and Miami church plantings sent out as well! In addition, it was exciting to see our very own shepherding couple, Chris and Darby Shultz graduate from the ICCM! We learned what the Five Foundational Sold-out Movement Convictions are: 1. All Scripture is Inspired, 2. Where the Bible Speaks We are Silent, 3. The Church is Composed of only Sold-Out Disciples in Discipling Relationships, 4. A Centralized Leadership With a Central Leader and 5. All Nations in this Generation. Jeremy has done an awesome job with delivering messages as to what each of these Sold-out convictions mean for all of our churches; to help us grow and be a unified unit across all of our churches! Since the GLC, we have been studying out the First Principles to equip us to make disciples of all nations as well as gearing up for our 6x special missions coming up in November. To God be the Glory!

  5. by Sydney on September 25, 2014  7:19 pm Reply

    First principles is an effective tool for teaching disciples how to make more disciples. It is helpful to me because it standardizes things that I only know to say in a study because someone else has said it before. Now I know that some things that aren't specifically noted in the first principles book such as "the kingdom study is more for teaching than for asking" are methods condoned by the movement of churches and not just by that mature Christian leading the study. First principles has really helped me to solidify some "unspoken guidelines" that I did not notice before.

  6. by Douglas A. Hunt on October 3, 2014  12:41 pm Reply

    First Principles has taught me to deny myself (Luke 9 v 23-24) by giving up the only true open time I have...Saturday mornings and alternating Wednesdays so that I can learn to better teach others how to become disciples, fulfilling our charge of Matthew 28 v 18-20.
    Philippians 4 v 13 helps me to study when I'm tired, while James 4 v 17 motivates me even further because I know I should come to First Principles.
    I appreciate the enthusiasm you give instruction, it renews my spirit.

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