The Hottest MERCY Event In The Kingdom!


Greetings from the Hottest MERCY event in the Kingdom!

Today, 85 MERCY ambassadors and visitors braved the scorching 110 Degrees here in Phoenix, AZ to serve the less fortunate and orphans!

We had the privilege to serve over 125 children and staff of Sunshine Acres orphanage today. This facility serves children as they go through difficult times in their lives. Here in Phoenix, sometimes children become homeless or forgotten as their parents make unwise choices in their lives. Many lose their parents or guardians to drugs, alcohol, incarceration, or failed adoptions. Sunshine Acres relies solely on donations for their operating budget to meet the needs of the orphans. For the first time in their lives, many of the children in this facility experience what a home truly feels like. Today, 85 MERCY Ambassadors supplied over 350 labor hours and saved the facility approximately $5,000 in expenses. Mike, a staff supervisor, expressed gratitude for the ambassadors cheerful attitude and willingness to do whatever it took to help them out. The disciples moved furniture, cleaned outdoor and indoor spaces, helped run the retail thrift store, and organized clothing in the hot Phoenix sun! Sunshine Acres has a bi-annual sale in their thrift shop which accounts for 50% of their operating budget for the entire year! The disciples’ hard work saved them approximately two months worth of work time. This has been the largest group the home has had yet, and we still have a BBQ, a Thanksgiving food drive and a Christmas show to do later on this year!

To God be the Glory!

Chris Schultz

MERCY Coordinator, Phoenix AZ



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